Monday, February 6, 2012

Brothers in arms 2: Global Front Android Game Review

Brothers in arms 2: global front android action FPS game review


Brothers in arms 2 is a new first person shooter game for the android. The brother in arms series is already popular as a PC video game but made its way to the smartphones by the partnership of gameloft and ubisoft. Brother in arms 2 is based on WW2 on several locations around the world.

Graphics can be compared to a Pc game
Gameplay is great
controls needs a little bit of practice
Multiplayer is sometimes fuzzy


Gameplay: 3/5 ★★★

Brother in arms 2 has a great gameplay. If you are looking for a new android fps game that you can compare to fps games in your console or the PC, then this is your game. You can do everything in this new android game just like as if you are playing your pc. There are vehicles, NPC allies and everything in this game.

Unfortunately the multiplayer is a little bit bugged. There are times that your enemies and allies are on freeze and you basically can kill anyone without any problems. High level people will pawn lower level ones because of power ups like faster walking. Lag and delays are common. The biggest flaw on this game is that the money system is a little bit flawed. The game being free is just to entice people to play the game but as soon as you are on the middle part of the game, you cannot continue without spending any real cash because you need bullets and guns to progress the game.

Controls: 3/5 ★★★

Controls is a little bit trouble some of this new fps android game. You cannot aim in shoot and move in this game because in the aiming circle your screen will not move in brothers in arms 2 unlike other gameloft game where you can.

Graphics : 5/5 ★★★

Graphics can be compared to 5 years ago pc fps games and that is good as it get with recent android games because of hardware limitations.

Music: 4/5 ★★★★

Music and sound effects are great. The whole feel when it comes to sounds feels like you are really in battle.

Overview: 4/5★★★★

Brothers in arms 2: global front is a great fps android game but the flaws of the multiplayer and the cash system makes this game flawed. I still recommend this game but stick with the single player mode.

* update** There are comments in the android market link of this game that after you update, you will lose all your guns and cash.

Brothers in arms 2 android market link

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